Fashion TV is our strong and main partner that we are operating together the project  named «Fashion Global Health» Scope of Fashion Global Health; 

• MRK Grup is the sole authorized  to open and operate  directly and/or through the 3rd parties(franchise based) various types of facilities, products under the guarantee of world-wide licensing rights of Fashion Trademark and using Fashion Logo. So world-wide licensing rights of Fashion Trademark are belong to MRK Grup. 

• FTV GMBH undertakes to MRK Grup and its solution partners to publish the advertisement of various types of facilities & products under Fashion Brand daily   on Fashion TV all over the world and on its social media channels  too.Fashion TV is broadcasting at 202 countries, has followers more than 4,5 million on Facebook and has followers more than 4 million on G+. 

• Fashion TV is reliable channel for the world-wide brands to present themselves and to reach right consumers. And also you can reach firstly and easily last trend and fashion. Fashion TV has dealers in 100 different sectors more than in 100 countries. Fashion TV has partners, subcontractors concerning its channels, media and facilities (hotel, cafe, residence, store), 1 million solution partners and 500 million audiences. Fashion TV has tens of millions of consumers and followers who has consuming from textile to beverage, from sunglasses to jewellery. This project will be introduced to these   potential and at the beginning all public relations will be managed under the guarantee of Fashion TV’s potential. 

• 1 million solution partners, 500 million audiences, tens of millions consumers, followers, dealers, partners are  ready infrastructure for the credit card paying, insurance and membership services of Fashion Global Health Project 

• Namely; Fashion TV’s has lifestyle brand experience for 25 years and its customers, audiences, consumers, followers, fans  and solution partners made pressure to complete its missing about in the field of health & aesthetic & beauty. The demand of potential of Fashion TV matched our experience. By this way Fashion Brand will meet new facilities and their contents and its reputation will be increase more and more. 

• All standardized facility implementations, logistic, supplies are belong to MRK Grup. 

• All franchise-cooperations and spreading of Fashion Global is being managed under MRK Grup 

• In order to protect quality standards of whole finished and semi-finished products’ supplying, purchasing, logistic are belong to MRK Grup. 

• Please demand, our business plan & presentation of Fashion Global Health

The Facilities and Products which will start to give service under Fashion Brand  as follows; 

• HEALTH HOTEL                                              
• HEALTH CAFE                                                
• AESTHETIC HOSPITAL&CLINIC                                                              
• SLIMMING&DETOX CENTER                                      
• CONCIERGE&ASSISTANCE  SERVICES                       
• CREDIT CARD                                           
• INSURANCE SERVICES                                 
• TRANSPORTATION SERVICES                     
• HEALTH&HOSPITALITY TOURISM AGENCY                           
• CONSTRUCTION                                             
• MEDICINE&OTC PRODUCTION(Food supplement, sport supplement, personal care)                      


Adress: Star Port Residence, Yeni Şehir Zone, Osmanlı Avenue No:10 
Residence; 124 & 125 Pendik-ISTANBUL/TURKEY